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Friday, August 9, 2013

Country Fairs and Headstones

My daughter's Country Fest entries.
In July my whole family entered items in our local fair. Growing up in Chilliwack my brothers and I entered various items every year in the local fair but this was a new experience for my husband and daughter. My daughter entered her pom-pom pigs, LEGO, and a painting. My husband entered some of his photographs. I entered a crocheted hat and a watercolour painting. It was a great experience, not just because we all placed, but it is inspiring to see the other entries. There was an amazing crocheted octopus, some beautiful quilts, and TARDIS cookies. There are a lot of talented people in the community. We also had the chance to see all the 4H animals, including a happy pig that escaped his pen, watch skating, skateboarding, and eat mini-donuts. What more could you want for a family outing?

In my own life, the concept of community has evolved to include online communities. I am part of two writer groups and it is wonderful to see how authors support each other by sharing news about new books and articles. I enjoy going to book launches and author readings to support authors in person. It is always lovely to be with kindred spirits. I will put a plug in here for Janice Brown, a member of my writer group, who just published Someday House: The Life and Passions of Aggie O'Hara. The same kind of support is evident in the history world though many organizations are finding the transition to the online world a challenge.

Tomorrow, we are taking part in a very physical historical activity – a headstone cleaning project with our local museum. I have been co-editing the Maple Ridge Family History newsletter for many years now and it is very rewarding when people comment that the information in the newsletter helped them add a branch to their tree.

I encourage you to get involved in your community. If you are a savvy social media person you could consider offering those skills to your local history group. If you are an author, attend book launches and author talks. If you are an organizer I am sure there is a group that strikes a cord with you that needs files organized or events planned. We all have talents we can share with our communities, both physical and virtual; it is great fun and a wonderful way to make friends and create roots in your local community.

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