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Friday, September 23, 2011

Fall issue of British Columbia History in the mail . . .

 Here's the cover you should be looking for if you buy your British Columbia History at a bookshop.

The Flying Vet: Dr. John Roberts of Williams Lake, BC by John Roberts, introduction by Marie Elliott
Personal letters written in 1958 bring to life the unique challenges of practicing veterinary medicine to the cattle ranches in the Chilcotin Plateau.

The S.S.Beaver & the medals struck by Charles W. McCain by Ronald Greene
The S.S. Beaver was the first steamboat on the Pacific northwest. She ran aground in 1888 but her salvaged metal was converted into keepsake medals by Charles W. McCain.

British Columbia’s Debt to William C. Van Horne by Valerie Knowles
The American born dynamo overcame British Columbia’s formidable mountains to build a railroad that was part of his vision of an integrated transportation network.

The Fort St. James Cemetery by Marie Elliott
In honour of 100 years of Parks Canada, Marie explores who is interred at this National Historic Site on the southern shores of Stuart Lake in the interior of British Columbia.

People and Places of the Bedaux Expedition of 1934 by Ross Peck
Until recently, there was little on the record about the role and contribution of the sub arctic expedition’s cowboys and crew to the “Champagne Safari”.

Archives & Archivists by Sylvia Stopforth
To commemorate Trinity Western University’s fiftieth anniversary their archivist has launched a website with a treaure trove of photographs, slides and sound clips.

From the Book Review Editor’s Desk by K. Jane Watt

Book Reviews

Cabinets of Curiosities byFrances Clay Welwood, daughter of Ed and Mary Clay, tells the tale of the Southwell painting that sails above the fireplace in her Nelson home.

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