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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Gave me chills

I had one of those little, exciting author moments today. I went to the Surrey Library website and searched in the catalogue for myself. . . and there it was. Commitment to Caring: Chilliwack Hospital Auxiliary's 100 Years, 1911-2011.

It gave me a little chill to see it there on the screen; I do hope people are taking it out of the library and enjoying it.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Reminder: Best of British Columbia History Contest deadline is soon

Best of British Columbia History Contest: contest ends August 31, 2011

From now to August 31, 2011, check out back issues of Federation publications

Pick your favourite articles in your own collection of:
• British Columbia Historical Association Report and Proceedings 1923 to 1929
• British Columbia Historical Quarterly 1937 to 1958
• British Columbia Historical News 1968 to 2004
• British Columbia History 2005 to Present

or at your local library or used book store or online at http://bchistory.library.ubc.ca/?db=bchf#

Send entries to:
BCHF Publications Committee
10991 No. 1 Road Box 36105
Richmond BC V7E 1S0

or email bcheditor(at)bchistory.ca

Contest Rules
The BCHF Publications Committee are the contest judges. Judges will select from the nominations and will have discretion with final selection of winners. If your suggestion is selected then you win a prize. Multiple contest entries from the same person are allowed but each entry must be for a different article.

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