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Monday, May 13, 2013

Kamloops Whirlwind

Photo courtesy of Derek Hayes
Wow, what a conference! It was, as my daughter would say, jam packed.

Thursday I taught two workshops, From B to W; Blogs to Wikis: Delivering Historical Content in the Digital Age and Copyright for Print and Digital. I had two great groups of participants. They asked good questions, contributed their own experiences, and engaged enthusiastically in the exercises; I learnt from them while I shared what I know.

Thursday night was the opening reception. We were lucky to have both Dr. Ignace and Elizabeth Duckworth as our speakers as well as an amazing display of works through the BC Heritage Fairs programs. I am so happy when I see young students being involved in history.

Photo by Andrea Lister
Friday we were introduced to the grasslands by Wendy Gardner and then took a bus trip out to the grasslands.

To the left is the photo of the school buses that took us out there. Unfortunately, I do not have a picture of our remarkable bus driver who backed us out back out of our parking spot after our bus bottomed out - school buses are not meant for four-wheel driving.

I learned a lot about the grasslands; its unique plants and birds and how all of those are endangered by development. Not only are we are destroying habitats for birds and plants but resting places along migratory routes for birds. And that was only part-way through Friday with more to go.............

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