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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Coming to a mail box near you

British Columbia History Fall 2012 Vol. 43.3

The Fall issue of British Columbia History is at the printer and should be heading to mailboxes and bookstores soon.

Jennie Korsnes in Stanley Park, BC. circa 1929.
Jennie’s Journey to British Columbia
by Ingrid Buschmann and Noreen Buschmann Jacky
Nineteen year old Jennie Korsnes travelled alone from Aalesund, Norway to Barnet, British Columbia in 1927. She wrote enthusiastically about her new life in Canada.

Lt. Col. Eric Parker Tibetan Collection at MOA

by Ann Poole
Family mythology created a desire for Ann Poole to know more about her grandfather, Eric Parker, and how his journey is captured at the UBC Museum of Anthropology.

Toil and Trivia — A Newspaper Editor’s Life
by Vern Giesbrecht
Vern Giesbrecht recalls his time as a journalist and editor of a weekly newspaper; the long hours, too much criticism, not enough praise, and relentless deadlines.

The Fringe: 1201–1299 West Georgia
by Bruce Dyck
Each year, the British Columbia Historical Federation offers two W. Kaye Lamb Scholarships for student essays relating to the history of British Columbia. Bruce Dyck is the winner of the $750 prize for a student in 1st or 2nd year  university or college in British Columbia.

Come on, Jayo; We’re Cheering for You
by Ken MacLeod
John Oliver High School, for many years the largest high school west of the Great Lakes, celebrates its 100th Anniversary on September 21 and 22, 2012.

Archives & Archivists
by Shannon Bettles; edited by Sylvia Stopforth
Shannon Bettles, Heritage Records Manager for the Chilliwack Museum and Archives, talks about the archives renovation project that has given many of us facilities envy.

Book Reviews


Cabinets of Curiosities
by Rosemarie Parent
Rosemarie Parent of the Arrow Lakes Historical Society, tells the tale of the Siamese pig in her grandfather in-law’s unique collection.

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