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Thursday, August 29, 2013

Sneak Peak at the Fall issue of British Columbia History

The Fall issue of British Columbia History is at the printers and will be making its way to mailboxes and bookstores in September; here is a sneak peak at the contents.

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Our Neon Nightmare

by Katherine Hill
Each year, the British Columbia Historical Federation offers two W. Kaye Lamb Scholarships for student essays relating to the history of British Columbia. Katherine Hill is the winner of the $1000 prize for a student in 3rd or 4th year university or college in British Columbia.

Alexander’s Ashes

by Peter Broznitsky
A report of unclaimed ashes leads to unexpected connections and the unfolding story of a Russian-Canadian First World War veteran.

Almost a Crystal Palace

by Robert Ratcliffe Taylor
A shimmering, architectural tower in the middle of the countryside, the Willows exhibition hall at Victoria, BC 1891-1907, captured the confidence of an era.

One-Eye Lake Plane Crash

by Sterling Haynes
A day off for a kinda green GP in Williams Lake in August 1961 turned into a flight without a map to the scene of a plane crash.

The Viaduct that Saved Commercial Drive

by Jak King
The story of Charles Smith and the First Avenue Viaduct is the creation story of the Drive, a story without which East Vancouver’s history would have been markedly different.

Greenwood, BC: Arrival of Nikkei Photo Essay

by Jacqueline Gresko, images courtesy Alice Glanville
In April 1942 1200 Japanese Canadians (Nikkei) were required to abandon their coastal lifestyles and were interned in Greenwood, BC, northwest of Grand Forks.


Archives & Archivists

by Hugh Ellenwood; edited by Sylvia Stopforth
Take a glimpse into the history and people of the Discovery Islands through the Museum at Campbell River’s new online resource.

Cabinets of Curiosities

by Paul Ferguson
A concern for preservation of the originals and a desire from genealogists for digital access led to the newspaper digitization project at the White Rock Museum & Archives.

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Editor’s Note

Inside British Columbia History

From the Book Review Editor’s Desk

K. Jane Watt
Walking In History

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