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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

BC History Call for Articles

British Columbia History publishes feature-length articles as well as documentary selections, essays, pictorial essays, memoirs, and reviews relating to the social, economic, political, intellectual, and cultural history of British Columbia. British Columbia History is published quarterly and is dedicated solely to the history of the province of British Columbia.

We also accept submissions for the following regular departments:

Miscellany – small items, research notes, advocacy.
Archives and Archivists
Book Reviews

An Editorial Advisory Committee supports the editorial process. The Advisory Committee advises on policy the tone and direction of the journal, and the publication’s role as the Federation’s flagship publication.

The British Columbia Historical Federation invites submissions from authors at any stage of their career, from BC and beyond, to explore any aspect or period of British Columbia history.

Articles published in British Columbia History will automatically be considered for the journal’s annual Anne and Philip Yandle Best Article Award.

To submit an article
• Word count 1000 to 5000
• Electronic version, with file extension (either .doc or .rtf)
• Endnotes must follow Chicago Manual of Style, do not insert notes in text
• Photocopies/scans of research material (pages from books, documents, or journals you have used)
• Illustrations provided with article submissions are welcomed, please send as separate files
• Submit copies of permissions (or assurance of permission) for the images
• A two-three sentence biographical note about the author.

Submission deadlines
• July 15 for Fall issue
• October 15 for Winter issue
• December 1 for Spring issue
• April 15 for Summer issue

To view complete submission guidelines, please visit http://bchistory.ca/publications/journal/index.html.

Check out back issues on the UBC Library BC History Digital Collections.

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